Basic Information

We make reviews on brokers that we think may be of interest to our readers. However, you can send us a request to review the broker you are interested in as well. A broker review application form is available to you, provided you are:

  1. A broker who wants to share information about their company on our website.
  2. A trader who wants to learn more about the broker you are interested in.

How we select a broker

Our goal is to remain objective and unbiased. Therefore, we are constantly checking the information and share it with our readers, even if the information may consist of some negative facts from the perspective of a broker.

We support only straightforwardness and openness, as we respect our readers. That is why we do ask you to provide only accurate data. Otherwise, we have the right to make our additions or some adjustments to the company’s profile.

Our Advertisement Services

Why cooperation with us is profitable for Forex brokers and investment companies? First of all, more potential customers will find out about your company. Secondly, advertisements on trusted sites are being more trusted by the very readers. Even if you are a young company and less know, we will help you to present your company to a lot of potential customers, which guarantees your success. Besides, if your company is already known, we will help you to reach a wider audience, and in such a way to become even more prominent in achieving your goals.

We offer you the following types of advertisement:

  • Fixed place for an add – displaying your broker’s review as a banner with a direct link to your site in the sidebar
  • Publication of advertising articles of a various types (you send the articles, and we just publish them)
  • Our review of your broker
  • Advertisement on FX-VIEW

    If you are willing to buy an ad on our website, you should contact us. Please, send us an e-mail linking to your broker’s review. If we haven’t done a review on your company yet, then provide us with a link to your website, and we will make a review, which later can be placed on the sidebar. After reviewing your application, you will receive an e-mail with our response.

    Remember, that we have the right to refuse you in providing our advertising services if the source seems suspicious or unreliable to us.

    Sidebar ad space cost

    1 month: 1000 EUR
    2 months: 1800 EUR
    3 months: 2500 EUR

    Ad place in sidebar

    The requirements for your articles

    • High level of uniqueness
    • Clear informative massage
    • Relevance of the topic
    • The material can be sent in the form of a press release, article, interviews or some notes and comments
    • It has to contain logical structure, otherwise it will not be accepted
    • The minimum text size is 2000 characters, but no more than 10,000 characters (for interviews)
    • Literacy and accuracy
    • High quality images (at least one image, maximum three)
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