• Variety of account types
  • Good leveraged trading
  • Multilingual customer support
  • No live chat
  • No social trading

    Company Information

    NeoTrade is a global broker, which has been cooperating with large financial institutions in the trading society. The broker offers instant execution of orders and competitive spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Among its services, there are four different account types with various features that may appeal to traders with different trading experience.


    NeoTrade offers their traders to choose among six different assets classes. With this broker you can trade in the following market:

    ● Forex
    ● Commodities
    ● Indices
    ● Energy
    ● Metals
    ● Stocks

    Trading accounts

    NeoTrade offers four different account types for its customers. You can choose among a Starting, a Standard, a Trader, and a VIP accounts. Here is the list of main features of each account type.

    • Starting
    • • Min Deposit – 250$
      • 9 major currency pairs
      • Leverage – 1:20
      • Spreads – 0.4 pips
      • Bonuses up 25%
      • Insurance account 5%
      • 3 signals per week
      • Access to basic trading

    • Standard
    • • Min Deposit – 2,500$
      • 75+ assets
      • Leverage – 1:50
      • Spreads – 0.4 pips
      • Bonuses up 50%
      • Insurance account 15%
      • 5 signals per week
      • Risk management webinar

    • Trader
    • • Min Deposit – 5,500$
      • 300+ assets
      • Leverage – 1:100
      • Spreads – 0.2 pips
      • Bonuses up 75%
      • Insurance account 45%
      • 10 signals per week
      • Risk management webinar

    • VIP
    • • Min Deposit – 20,000$
      • All assets available
      • Leverage – 1:100
      • Spreads – 0.1 pips
      • Bonuses up 100%
      • Insurance account 65%
      • 15 signals per week
      • Advanced analytics

    Open an account

    If you want to open an account with the NeoTrade, we recommend you to follow those simple steps.

    1) Fill in personal information (name, email address, phone number, and country of residence).
    2) Provide additional information (place of birth, passport number, nationality, address, and employment details).
    3) Choose a platform, account type, funding type, base currency, and password.
    4) Fill out a questionnaire regarding trading experience and knowledge.
    5) Upload proof of your identity and address, then add funds.

    Minimum deposit

    The minimum deposit depends on the type of account you chose. For example, for a Starting account it is 250$, for a Standard – 2,500$, for Trader– 5,500$, and the VIP – 20,000$. Just the account type, and make the first deposit based on the conditions it offers.

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    Trading Platforms

    NeoTrade has very popular platform at your service. The broker offers you to choose between the MetaTrader and WebTrader trading platforms.

    MetaTrader is the most popular forex trading platform in the world. MT also supports robots and scalping and is very easy in use.

    WebTrader is second popular trading platform with very intuitive interface and good services as well, on top of that it requires no additional installation. You can read more details about both of the platforms here.

    Our verdict

    We hope you found useful our review on the NeoTrade. So let’s sum up the gathered information. NeoTrade is a Forex and CFDs broker offering a solid number of trading opportunities to its customers. It can satisfy the need of any clients as it offers different account types with features suitable for traders of different levels of knowledge and experience. You can also select among various trading assets, which can help you to diversify your trading portfolio greatly. However, it offers only two trading platforms without the possibility of social trading. Moreover, there is no live chat. Nevertheless, if you find the features attractive to you, we are glad you recommend the broker.

NeoTrade Details

3.5 rating
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  • Customer Service
  • Trade Experience
  • Range of Offerings
  • Security
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